Investing to Protect the U.S. and World against AR

Antibiotic resistance (AR), when germs do not respond to the drugs designed to kill them, threatens to return us to the time when simple infections were often fatal. CDC is committed to protecting people and the future of the healthcare, veterinary, and agriculture industries from the threat of antibiotic resistance.

The AR Investment Map showcases CDC’s critical activities in the United States and abroad to combat antibiotic resistance with investments in laboratory and epidemiological expertise and public health innovation. CDC supports most of these activities through its AR Solutions Initiative, while also leveraging investments from successful programs across the agency for maximum efficiency.

The map also includes CDC's COVID-19 projects related to combating AR, highlighted in a new fact sheet.

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Location of one of CDC's AR Laboratory Network regional labs.

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This map represents CDC’s largest funding categories for antibiotic resistance. It shows extramural funding that supports AR activities from multiple funding lines.